i am alive

yes, i am alive.

it has been a long time since i wrote my last blog.

just because of my laziness. it doesn’t mean i have forgotten here.

in this new year, i wonder if it is necessary to keep this blog updated.

there is no hope in work, no passion, i have made a wrong choice in my work, but, to be frank, i don’t feel regret. every coin has two sides. all i have passed through is a good experience for my life.

thanks everyone come to see me!

god bless you!

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    1. 玄玄 文章作者


  1. cp71305

    试着读了一下,居然勉强看懂了,看来偶的英文有进步。 :-P 顺祝博主一切顺利,天天开心!



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